2015 State Conference biggest in COTSA history!

TSA Robotics 2015The 2015 Colorado TSA State Conference was a huge success, and marks a new milestone in COTSA history — it’s our largest state conference ever with more than 1,330 registered participants!

We would like to extend our congratulations to all the winners of the event. To download a PDF version of the awards ceremony Powerpoint, click here.

For Certificates of Participation, please click here. Be patient — there are more than 1,300 certificates in the file. Just search for your name and print your certificate!

Here is a listing of the winners:

TSA 2015 Colorado TSA Advisor of the Year: Mike Shallenberger – The STEM High School and Academy

Giant Jenga Tournament: First Place – Middle School – Laredo Middle School; First Place – High School – Mountain View High School

Agriculture and Biotechnology Design – Middle School

  • First Place: Azra Gallano, Bianca Lewis, Karenna Naherny – The STEM School and Academy
  • Second Place: Alison Thompson, Hima Kilaru, Hope Lowry, Jessica Dillon, Serene Ong –
  • The STEM School and Academy
  • Third Place: Christopher Ray, Joseph Vasseur – Lesher Middle School

Animatronics – High School

  • First Place: Brian Rawlings, Chase Morris, Lara Klaus, Matt Wermers – Legend High School
  • Second Place: Dan Muk, Jane Brusilovsky, Jason Mitchell, Nebiyu Tadesse, Ryan Snyder, Steph Edwards – Smoky Hill High School
  • Third Place: Ally Salak, Caleb Sedillos, David Nadykto, Sean Salak, Tanner Stephenson – Cherokee Trail High School

Architectural Renovation – High School

  • First Place: Christian Frank, Dylan Eppard, Matthew Fox, Sanjay Kalaga – Grandview High School
  • Second Place: Amy Zhong, Aubrey Harrison, Cassandra English, Clare Liu, Elizabeth Chengrian, Lucas Johnson – Mountain Vista High School
  • Third Place: Alec Lamson, Austin Johnson, Cyra Gallano, Madison Tenney, Quintin Lafemina – The STEM High School and Academy

Biotechnology Design – High School

  • First Place: Kerrie MacMillan, Michael Katona – Monarch High School
  • Second Place: Alan Kopp, Brianna Ott, Cameron Vogel, JD Isenhart  –  Castle View High School
  • Third Place: Kiley Dindinger, Maddie Lomme, Arapahoe High School