2015 State Conference biggest in COTSA history!

TSA Robotics 2015The 2015 Colorado TSA State Conference was a huge success, and marks a new milestone in COTSA history — it’s our largest state conference ever with more than 1,330 registered participants!

We would like to extend our congratulations to all the winners of the event. To download a PDF version of the awards ceremony Powerpoint, click here.

For Certificates of Participation, please click here. Be patient — there are more than 1,300 certificates in the file. Just search for your name and print your certificate!

Here is a listing of the winners:

TSA 2015 Colorado TSA Advisor of the Year: Mike Shallenberger – The STEM High School and Academy

Giant Jenga Tournament: First Place – Middle School – Laredo Middle School; First Place – High School – Mountain View High School

Agriculture and Biotechnology Design – Middle School

  • First Place: Azra Gallano, Bianca Lewis, Karenna Naherny – The STEM School and Academy
  • Second Place: Alison Thompson, Hima Kilaru, Hope Lowry, Jessica Dillon, Serene Ong –
  • The STEM School and Academy
  • Third Place: Christopher Ray, Joseph Vasseur – Lesher Middle School

Animatronics – High School

  • First Place: Brian Rawlings, Chase Morris, Lara Klaus, Matt Wermers – Legend High School
  • Second Place: Dan Muk, Jane Brusilovsky, Jason Mitchell, Nebiyu Tadesse, Ryan Snyder, Steph Edwards – Smoky Hill High School
  • Third Place: Ally Salak, Caleb Sedillos, David Nadykto, Sean Salak, Tanner Stephenson – Cherokee Trail High School

Architectural Renovation – High School

  • First Place: Christian Frank, Dylan Eppard, Matthew Fox, Sanjay Kalaga – Grandview High School
  • Second Place: Amy Zhong, Aubrey Harrison, Cassandra English, Clare Liu, Elizabeth Chengrian, Lucas Johnson – Mountain Vista High School
  • Third Place: Alec Lamson, Austin Johnson, Cyra Gallano, Madison Tenney, Quintin Lafemina – The STEM High School and Academy

Biotechnology Design – High School

  • First Place: Kerrie MacMillan, Michael Katona – Monarch High School
  • Second Place: Alan Kopp, Brianna Ott, Cameron Vogel, JD Isenhart  –  Castle View High School
  • Third Place: Kiley Dindinger, Maddie Lomme, Arapahoe High School

AEOP partnership with TSA offers opportunities for all students

AEOP logoNational TSA manages the Junior Solar Sprint (JSS) competition with a grant from the Army Educational Outreach Program and is responsible for promoting JSS, as well as all AEOP free STEM programs and competitions, to TSA membership. But…there are several free competitions and programs for middle and high school students that are available to not only TSA student members, but all students in our state. To find out more about JSS and the other competitions available, please visit the AEOP website at www.usaeop.com/programs, or download the Colorado TSA State Leadership Exposition file.