Battle Mountain HS Wins Solar Race!

solar race winners

Battle Mountain High School’s Technology Team won “The 2014 Solar Trophy Race” in Glenwood Springs in mid May! They took first place in the “60-Minute Main Circuit Race” and “1st Place Overall.”

According to TSA Advisor Daniel Lewandowski, the victory is “an underdog story worth sharing.” He said, “Team leader, George Jouflas, drove us to the finish line after being more than 40 laps behind. We fell behind initially when another car crashed into us breaking our wheel frame completely off. The Battle Mountain pit crew was forced to problem solve quickly and they decided to re-engineer the wheel connection ‘Macgyver’ style. Before long, we were up and running and back on track, just soaking up energy faster than ever. The car was so fast indeed on return that we caught up by thirty plus laps.”

He said that the team was closing in for the lead when the car was hit hit again by another racer, this time knocking the front bumper completely off and exposing the car’s solar cells to permanent damage. “Our team fixed this issue,” Lewandowski said, “and then made a critical decision that helped us win: they positioned team members around the entire track to ensure the fastest and most efficient repair time.” Ultimately, he said, after more than 150 laps and 60 minutes of hard racing, the BMHS team caught up, surpassed all more experienced competitors, and won the race. “It was awesome!” Lewandowski said.

The team’s members included George Jouflas, Maria Burrell, Eduardo Ochoa Moreno, Megan Fregoso, Luis Loya, Guillermo (MeMo) Gonzalez, Lang Austen, Aaron Pena, Koby Simonton, Corson Fullhart, Drew Feeney, and Kenny Vargas.

Congratulations to the Battle Mountain team!