Fall Leadership Conference

Future Fall Conferences:

This year, we are working on providing several fall leadership conference experiences across the state, each with a TEAMS (Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Math, and Science) experience included! Stay tuned as more dates and locations are added! Mark your calendars now for:

  • SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2018 – Western Fall Leadership Conference, Glenwood Springs, CO
  • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2018¬†– Coors Field, Denver CO
  • SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2019 – Southern Fall Leadership Conference, Pueblo County High School, Pueblo, CO

Come join Colorado TSA at one of three Fall Leadership Conferences for 2018!¬†Students will learn, in an interactive, exciting and inspiring way how they can be leaders — regardless of age or experience. As part of the training, they will learn about:

  • Model the Way: Students learn to build credibility among their peers
  • Inspiring a Shared Vision: Students learn how to develop a clear image of possibility and what their organization could become
  • Challenging the Process: Students learn how to challenge the process and accept challenges before them
  • Enabling Others to Act: Students learn how leadership is a team effort
  • Encourage the Heart: Students learn how encouraging others is a hallmark of leadership
  • LEAP: Students will learn about the new developments with the LEAP Leadership program


Advisors will receive a day of professional development along with information about changes in competitive events both at the national and state levels.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCES, PLEASE CONTACT: Tony Raymond at tony.raymond@cccs.edu or (720) 858-2794.

Fall Leadership Conference Participation Certificates

If you attended a 2018 Fall Leadership Conference, certificates of participation are available using one of the links below. Simply open the PDF document and search for your name.

  • Denver Fall Leadership Conference – Certificates of Participation
  • Western Fall Leadership Conference – Certificates of Participation
  • Southern Fall Leadership Conference – Certificates of Participation