For Chapter Advisors


Welcome to Colorado TSA and thank you for your service as a TSA Chapter Advisor! Serving as a TSA chapter advisor at your school means your school is a part of a national professional organization that promotes and recognizes excellence in technology students through applied Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) competitions and leadership activities.

On this page you will find a list of resources you will be able to utilize throughout the year to successfully manage establish, manage and grow your TSA chapter.

Call to Conference & State Competitive Events Guide

The full 2018-2019 Colorado TSA Call to Conference/State Competitive Event Guide is now available here.

Dress Code

Chapter and state advisors, parents, and chaperones are responsible for seeing that all TSA student members wear TSA competition, general session, or casual attire as occasions may require. Official TSA attire may be purchased online via the SHOP tab on the TSA website at TSA competition, general session, and casual attire are considered appropriate dress for conference activities and public appearances. Since adults (advisors, parents, and guests) serve as role models at TSA conferences and activities, they are expected to dress appropriately for all TSA occasions they attend. Students must adhere to the TSA dress code requirements as listed below.

Student members must wear official TSA attire (with either the official royal blue dress shirt/blouse, or a button-down white dress shirt/blouse), professional TSA attire, or business casual TSA attire as indicated in the national or state  competitive events guides. Please note that the use of a white dress shirt in lieu of the official royal blue shirt is an exception made at the state conference only. It is the expectation and is REQUIRED that students attending the NATIONAL CONFERENCE must purchase the official royal blue uniform shirt to be in compliance with national official uniform requirements.

Flip-flops, athletic shoes (tennis shoes, running shoes, etc.), army boots, combat boots or work boots are not permitted. Halter tops, tank tops and shorts are also not permitted. Hats are not to be worn at any time during the conference. Please refer to the examples of appropriate attire as shown on the national website at

All attendees MUST wear their name badges at all times.

For Chapter Team only, at both the middle school and high school levels, competitors also must wear a navy blue blazer with an official TSA patch; males (only) must wear the official TSA logo neck tie.

Refer to the attire requirements as listed in the guides for event-specific attire. Students are always allowed to dress MORE formally than specified for  conference activities, and students dressed LESS formally than specified for an event in which they are competing will be allowed to compete but will be assessed a penalty of twenty percent (20%) of the total possible points.

Advisor Resources

For chapter advisors looking for ways to fund and promote their chapter, there are a wealth of resources at the state and national levels.

  • TSA Advisor Toolkits – National TSA has built “toolkits” for advisors which include: logos, promotional PowerPoints, chapter meeting agendas, program of work samples, and more!
  • Chapter Success Guide– Colorado TSA has developed a Chapter Success Guide to help advisors and students alike establish, manage and grow their chapters.
  • CTSO Financial Leadership Guide – Colorado TSA has developed a guide to help chapters develop strong financial leadership activities that not only help fund a chapter’s activities, but also provide valuable leadership lessons along the way.

Sample Bylaws

Each TSA chapter should have a set of bylaws to help them establish a set of defining guidelines through which the officers and members will run the chapter. The bylaws is a document which should serve as the principle guide, primer or rule book the chapter can reference when problems or questions arise in the governance of the chapter. The bylaws should help address questions such as:

  • When and how often does the chapter meet?
  • How and when do we elect chapter officers?
  • What are the officers’ job descriptions?
  • How is the chapter meeting run?
  • How do we replace an officer who never comes to chapter meetings?
  • How do we fill a vacancy on the officer team?
  • How can we change the bylaws?
  • Who can serve on a committee?
  • What should the qualifications of a chapter officer be?
  • How are officers and committee members held accountable?
  • How and when do members meet, vote and function?

Having a set of bylaws in place will help keep a chapter on track and functioning smoothly. All Colorado TSA chapters should establish a set of bylaws and submit a copy (for file purposes only) to the state office.

To help a chapter get started, here’s a link to a set of Sample Bylaws. Keep in mind that this sample is just that — a sample — and may contain sections your individual chapter may not use; they may also lack sections your chapter needs or wants. Let them serve as a starting point for discussion with your chapter in the creation of their own set of bylaws.

Contest Updates and Clarifications

Periodically throughout the year, the published contests may need a point of clarification or may need to have an update prior to the conference.  The clarifications are located on the Updates and Clarification page at

Current Conference Themes and Problems

Each year, the national offices posts the current year’s conference themes, problems and design briefs on their Themes and Problems page. Please visit this page to get the theme/problem around which your students’ projects will be based. The page is located at:

For the themes and problems for state-only events, go to:

Champion Fund

The Champion Fund is a philanthropic program that provides a one of a kind opportunity to bring the Technology Student Association to middle and high schools where money to pay for membership dues poses a challenge. Through the Champion Fund, approved schools are allocated payment for their TSA chapter membership dues for one school year. During that time the recipient can experience what the Technology Student Association has to offer including leadership opportunities, competitive events, and chapter activities. Submitted applications are reviewed by a committee to determine eligibility and are processed on a first come/first served basis depending upon available funding. Schools receiving financial support from the Champion Fund are kept anonymous. For information about the Champion Fund and how to apply, follow the link below.

Star Recognition Program

Colorado TSA provides recognition to those chapters and members who actively assist new or lapsed TSA chapters to become active members. It is through these efforts that TSA continue to grow. Has your chapter assisted a new or inactive TSA chapter (middle or high school) with the affiliation process for this year? If so, we want to know about it so that your chapter received Star recognition! Each chapter that helps a new chapter affiliate receives Star lapel pins and is recognized on the Colorado TSA website.

To qualify for Star recognition, complete the Star Recognition form in the Call to Conference/State Competitive Event Guide by May 1. Pins are awarded on the following criteria:

  • White Star Recognition 1 to 2 new TSA chapters
  • Blue Star Recognition 3 to 5 new TSA chapters
  • Red Star Recogniton 6 or more new TSA chapters

Adult Awards and Recognition Programs

Chapter Advisor of the Year – This award is presented to an outstanding chapter advisor for their work in promoting TSA, their chapter’s accomplishments, their facilitation and leadership skills. The application can be downloaded at the link below.

Dr. Harvey Dean Outstanding Recognition Award – The recipient is selected on the basis of valued service contributing to the growth of TSA. Both past and present contributions are considered (as verified by responsible parties). The criteria are as follows:

  • The organization(s) that the recipient represents has supported TSA in some capacity at the local, state, or national level for a minimum of three years
  • Active participation, as evidenced by attendance at the conferences, membership on committees, judging student events, etc.
  • Efforts to advance TSA, as evidenced by encouraging business personnel and industrial leaders to support TSA activities

Distinguished Service Award – The recipient is selected on the basis of valued service to TSA. Both past and present contributions
are considered (as verified by responsible parties). The criteria are as follows:

  • Associated with TSA in some capacity for a minimum of three years
  • Active participation as evidenced by attendance at the conferences, membership on committees, judging student events, etc.
  • Involvement with advancing TSA as evidenced by work in professional education groups, publications, research, etc.
  • High standard of attainment as shown by establishment of new TSA chapters, program expansion or innovation, or by achievement of student members who have achieved prominence and distinction
  • Recognition by fellow professionals as indicated by similar awards from local, district, state or regional groups.

Honorary Life Award – Recipient has supported TSA in a significant way for a minimum of five years and is a person from whom TSA may reasonably expect continued interest in its activities.

Distinguished Alumni Award – The Distinguished Alumni Award is presented to a TSA alumni based on his or her demonstrated commitment and service to TSA beyond high school graduation. The recipient is recognized at the national TSA conference. TSA Alumni who meet these criteria are eligible for this award: 1) Graduated from high school at least three years prior to the current year; 2) Was a member in good standing with TSA for a minimum of two years, and 3) Actively participated in TSA after graduation, as evidenced by attendance at TSA conferences, membership on TSA committees, judging of student events, or other service of value to TSA. Adult members of TSA, including corporate members, teachers/advisors, and administrators; and fellow TSA alumni can nominate individuals for this award.

Student Awards and Recognition Programs

Technology Honor Society – The TSA Technology Honor Society recognizes TSA members who excel in academics, leadership and service to their school and community. The TSA Technology Honor Society is an opportunity for students to be recognized for their efforts and is designed to recognize TSA members who exemplify the high ideals of academics. Information and required forms may be downloaded from this link

Dr. Bob Hanson Distinguished Student Award – The recipient of the Distinguished Student Award is selected on the basis of valued service to the community and to TSA. Both past and present contributions are considered. Criteria for eligibility include: 1)Active member in good standing with TSA for a minimum of one school year; 2) Active participation in TSA at the local, state, or national level, 3) Recognition by fellow students, teachers, or administrators of technology education programs as a student who has achieved prominence and distinction. The application for this award can be downloaded from the link below.

Student Scholarships

William P. Elrod Memorial Scholarship – This memorial scholarship is made available through funds dedicated by the TSA, Inc. Board of Directors to the memory of William P. Elrod, a founding father of TSA, from Madison, Kansas. Mr. Elrod, who died in 1990, was known for his longstanding leadership and involvement with TSA. Information and the application can be downloaded using the link below.

Fleece for Fighters Community Service Project


The Colorado TSA State Officer team is encouraging Colorado TSA Chapters to participate in the exciting service project called Fleece for Fighters. Their mission: to create fleece-tie blankets for pediatric cancer patients in Colorado.

But they need your help! In order to participate:

You can make blankets! This is what the State Officers would really like to see! They are challenging each TSA Chapter to make at least two blankets in their school colors! The chapter that creates the most blankets and/or donates the most material will be recognized at the  COTSA State Conference. Don’t know how to make a fleece-tie blanket? Here’s a link to a YouTube video showing you how to make the blankets. Each blanket requires approximately 3 yards of fabric which can be obtained from any fabric store/department.

For more information on how you can join the State Officers in their campaign to bring a little comfort to the lives of brave children fighting a devastating illness, please contact the COTSA State Advisor at or at 720-858-2413.