Spring STEAM Symposium (S3)

Colorado TSA is pleased to invite you to the Inaugural Colorado TSA Spring STEAM Symposium — otherwise known as S3! Designed as a one-day conference positioned halfway between the annual Colorado TSA state conference and the national TSA conference, S3 will be filled with extended professional development and chapter leadership training along with hands-on workshops from business and industry professionals, a capstone symposium, peer-to-peer round-tables, portfolio reviews, a photography show, a film festival and more!

Mark Your Calendar!

The inaugural S3 will be held in the 2019-20 school year at the Lowry Conference Center, 1061 Akron Way (Building 697), in Denver, Colorado. Space is extremely limited for the first year.

About S3

The Colorado TSA Spring STEAM Symposium (S3) differs from both the annual TSA Fall Leadership and State Conferences. At the Fall Leadership Conference, students are introduced to basic leadership skills as well as the LEAP leadership program offered through National TSA. At the annual State Conference, the focus is on conducting the association’s business, interacting with business and industry professionals, and participating in competitive events.

Colorado TSA chapters have begun requesting more in-depth chapter and leadership development – something we did not have the capacity to provide at the Fall Leadership or State Conferences. To address that need, S3 was developed; a conference in a symposium format where TSA chapter members can receive additional professional development AND further showcase their skills and talents. There may be some instances where S3 events and activities may mirror or overlap already-existing events within TSA’s competitive events; however, with S3, we are able to remove some of the restrictions that throttle creativity and open up a whole host of opportunities for students to make new cross-disciplinary connections.

Conference Highlights

Capstone Project Presentation

Using a round-table presentation format, students share their capstone projects (research results, completed work, as well as innovative concepts, products, etc.). Each presentation should have a short “elevator speech intro” of no more than 30 seconds to present to passers-by that briefly summarizes the topic of the capstone project. Presenters are also expected to be able to answer questions that participants may have regarding the project.

Film Festival

This showcase of student-made films allows students to demonstrate their skills in a number of STEAM-related areas, including writing, drama, photography, fine arts, computer technology, business development, leadership, math, and science.

Photography Show

Students submit a single matted photograph in one of a number of categories for critique and review.

Portfolio Review

Participants submit portfolios for review by business and industry professionals.

Specific information and criteria for submission of entries to S3 are contained in the S3 Call to Conference which can be downloaded here.


In addition to the events listed above, Colorado TSA is preparing a comprehensive list of workshops, seminars, and presentations by business and industry professionals on a variety of topics, including: leadership development, parliamentary procedure, film/video production, marketing, career development, hands-on sessions, and more! Details on the presentations lined up will be posted below as they become available! Stay tuned! If you know of someone who would be a great addition to our workshop lineup, have them register as a presenter using our Call for Presenters website: https://goo.gl/forms/KbFbvPJl9axDNWGe2

Conference Registration

Registration for the conference will extremely limited for the first year. Chapters may up to 20 students and two advisors. Registration is $50 and includes lunch.

Once the maximum registration is reached, the registration site will be shut down.

For more information, please contact Bill Gilmore, at  (720) 858-2372 or via email at: bill.gilmore@cccs.edu.